To My Loyal 1.5 Readers

Readers - 1

OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! I know that maybe, just maybe, the one question that .5 out of my loyal, crazy and insane 1.5 readers have been asking for a long time is… What the fuck do you mean by 1.5 readers Tony? Either is 1 or 2 damn it! Well, this is it! The cat is finally out of the bag! Any time that I say 1.5 readers, a picture like this one, pops up in my crazy and insane head. Why? The reality of it all is, that I really think that there aren’t many people out there, other than my loyal 1.5 readers, who actually read my crazy, boring and insane blog posts. I think that people might and I really don’t know how to emphasize this, but just might, skim through my posts and move on to better and more interesting blogs.

My whole point is, that unlike most of society nowadays, I don’t look for attention or approval from others. The whole thing about me is, that I do things because I enjoy them and I like them, not to because someone told me to do it or to get fame and or money. My advice to my loyal 1.5 readers is… do things for you, not for others or just because others are doing it. Do take advice, but don’t follow the so-called leaders! Why? Because that is so fucking stupid! Just look at it this way. Do I care that no one actually reads my posts? No way Mexican Jose! As long as I get the shits out of my head and on to something, I’m OK with that. Unless you are being a dick or an asshole… just be yourself and don’t change for absolutely nobody!

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!


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