I Hate Smartphone Zombies

As per Wikipedia “A smartphone zombie is a pedestrian who walks slowly and without attention to their surroundings because they are focused upon their smartphone“. As per me, smartphone zombies are a whole bunch of idiots, who need to be pushed the fuck out of the way, because they are slowing down foot traffic and making it inconvenient for others who have a life, to get to where they are going on time, without any interruption. In other words… smartphone zombies are simply put… assholes!

Hey look don’t get me wrong, since I was young I’ve been into technology. But the one thing that I can tell you is, that I have never and will never let technology such as a smart phone, control my life. I do use my smart phone, but when I get a message from my wife or kids, I always move to the side, read it and respond. I’m not one of those assholes that start walking slow in front of the rest of us, only because of their “fear of missing out”. I also have to add, that the only time that I answer text messages is, if they come from my wife or kids. Why? Because it could be an emergency. Other people… well, they have to wait until I have time to get back to them. Remember, I have a life and I don’t have time to be texting back and forth like a crazy teenager. If someone really needs to talk to me, they can just give me a call. If I don’t pick up, they can leave me voice mail.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!


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