Some Teens Are Just Starving For Attention

For the past few weeks, I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the Tide pod challenge in the news. I’ve heard that a few teenagers have ended up in the emergency room. The one thing that I keep hearing adults and the Tide company say is, for other teenagers not to try it because it is very dangerous and or deadly in some cases. But then you have people like me, who the only thing that I have to say to the dumb-asses and stupid ass teenagers is to go head and try it. Why do I say and feel like that? First things first! I understand the warnings to parents of small children, but when it comes to teenagers… they are just assholes that don’t have nothing better to do and who are starving for attention. So if they end up in the hospital or the morgue for doing something that they know they are not supposed to do in the first place, then good for them, but also… fuck them! 

You see, you have to understand, that I’m the parent of two adult kids. But when they were small, no company had to tell me what was dangerous for them or not. Why? Because common sense, that’s why! I didn’t have to read warning labels on any product. I didn’t have to be told by other parents. I just knew, that for example, I had to keep everything and anything away from the reach of my kids, because they didn’t know the danger of things. What I’m trying to say is, that I didn’t raise a couple of idiots, because I baby them to death. Now that they are 28 and 23, I can tell you that as other human beings, they do make mistakes, but not the deadly kind, that might put their lives and the lives of others in danger, only because they want to be assholes. I raised kids that know better than that.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!  


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