Those Pesky People And Places

person poring cocktail on clear drinking glass
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The other day, when I had my June session with my shrink Dr. C, I did mention to him that I knew what they meant when they say that I have to change people and places. The whole thing behind that is, that it is easier said than done. You see, the people who I hangout with are family members and friends who I have known for more than twenty years. So I just can’t walk away from them, simply because “I” can’t control my drinking once I have the first beer. I’m not blind, I can see that the problem is not them, but me.

I guess that what I am trying to say is, that even though I told my shrink that I will stop drinking, he is aware that I don’t have a plan, when it comes to people and places. The whole thing is, that since I only drink on the weekends, because I’m off from work, I really don’t have a plan as to what to do with my free time, except to just stay home, watch TV and listen to some music. Another thing is, that my wife and kids, don’t like doing the same things that I would like to do, like visiting a museum, go camping or hiking for example. I know that a while back, my shrink told me to try to go online in order to find groups of people, who are interested in the things that I am. For now, I’m just going to deal with staying sober. Then later on, I’ll try to find an online communities of sober people who go out, have fun and enjoy life without alcohol.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!