My Work Week In A Nutshell

TTV - Schedule - 06-18-18.JPG

OK, this week’s work schedule really, really, really looks good, because I am starting Monday, doing what I love to do the most, which is working on the incoming email and faxes. I really can’t complain about the rest of the week, because they will have me on full day phone duties only on Tuesday and Thursday, then on Friday, I will only be the backup person for two hours. Wednesday will really be another nice day, since I’ll most likely just be processing government payments or just doing some random work. Friday will be the same, with the exception of being the phone backup person.

You see, I’ve been working for my employer for close to thirteen years, but I have been in the same department for close to ten. Just like a lot if not most people, I really like my job. But just like a lot if not most people, there are things that I like and things that I don’t like as much about my job. I love working on the incoming faxes and emails, because I’m alone and basically my schedule is flexible. Meanwhile, I hate the phone, because my schedule is more restricted. The way that I look at it is, that as long as I have a job that provides a good medical plan, pays the bills and don’t mandate me to work overtime or weekends, I’m OK with it. Plus, it is one of the best employer to work for in The U.S.A.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!