My Sober Plan

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One thing that I have always said about my binge drinking is, that I only do it on the weekends. I don’t drink on regular week days or work days, unless I’m on vacation. I think that because I’m off from work on the weekends, one of the problems is, that I have way too much fucking free time on my hands, specially in the evenings. The other reason is, that I hangout with people who love to drink on the weekends, specially in the summertime while playing dominoes outside. That’s the reason why I call the weekends, my weak days.

In order for me, not to mess up my sobriety this time, I have come up with a plan. One of the things that I will be doing is, attending an AA meeting on Saturday evenings. I like it because it’s just three blocks from my home, so I can’t complain about how far it is or how much I have to drive and look for parking. The second thing that I will be doing is, staying away from people who drink on the weekends. I don’t mean that I will stop talking to family and friends only because they drink, but after the meeting, I’d rather just go home and watch some TV,  listen to some music or even write a blog post. Another thing is, that two guys at my first AA meeting gave me their cards, so I can give them a call, just in case I feel like drinking. So today is Saturday and this evening, I’m going to my third AA meeting this week. But this one is different, because I like to say, that my Saturday meetings are to stop my weekend stinking thinking. Bwahahahahaha!

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!