Second June Session

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Well, today I’ll be having my second June session with my shrink Dr. C. Not because of my social anxiety, Bipolar II disorder, weekend binge drinking, depression or OCD, but because he put me on a new crazy med called Naltrexone, that should help me with my drinking cravings, so he wants to know how I’m doing so far. As I mentioned many, many times before, I only drink on the weekends, but I still need to take the crazy med everyday. He also added, that the med is used off label, to treat OCD, which I welcome with open arms, because we haven’t been able to find a crazy med, that have actually helped me with the intrusive thoughts, which I find it to be the biggest challenge with my OCD.

I thought about changing the appointment, because I was supposed to start the crazy med about ten days ago, but because the pharmacist had to order it and it wasn’t delivered to him until the middle of last week, I didn’t start taking it until this past Saturday. I decided to keep the appointment, because talk therapy really helps me a lot. I know that my shrink will be very happy, because he has been pushing for a while now, so I could give AA another chance. I’ll see what happens.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!