They Don’t Need Us!

Good morning and happy Sunday boys, girls and others. Even though I have a lot of shit on my plate right now, and it keeps piling up by the day, today I thank my higher power for another day of life, another sober day, and another day to be with my family and friends.

Sometimes life sucks… and then some, that’s why I try to keep away from the negative Nancies and the drama kings and queens. I’m going to be honest here, with all the shit that is going on in my life right now, sometimes I feel like fucking drinking, but if I do, it’s not going to fix anything, as a matter of fact, it’s just going to make everything worst. So that’s why when I feel overwhelmed, I get in my car and drive to a quiet place for a while, then come back home. I keep telling my wife, that we NEED TO!… FUCK THAT!… WE HAVE TO! go the fuck away to a rented cabin for a week or so, turn off our phones and disconnect ourselves from family, friends and the world. And I bet, that when we come back, everybody was able to get on with their lives and resolve their problems , without our help.

Life is simple, it’s just that sometimes, those who we love so much, make it complicated for us, and the truth is, that they don’t give a fuck. And that my friends, is the reason why we need boundaries and why we HAVE TO integrate the simple word NO, into our everyday vocabulary.

With that said, I am Audi 5000 y’all!