Here it is, my short, simple and to the point about page!

Hello and welcome to my little crazy corner of the blogosphere! My name is Tony “Tone” Vega and I’m just a crazy, hard working, forty-eight year old, Afro-Dominican, New Yorker. Married for thirty years, dad times two, dog owner, on crazy meds and with a crazy blog about nothing.

On the mental side of things. Many, many years ago, I was diagnosed as suffering from Bipolar II disorder, OCD and Social Anxiety Disorder. My daily crazy meds include Ambien, Buspirone, Prozac and Risperidone. Plus, I see my shrink on a monthly basis or sooner, when needed.

I blog to get my crazy, insane, racing and sometimes violent intrusive thoughts out of my head and on to something. In other words, I blog to deal with the demons that have been torturing me, my entire life. My life is not easy, but I refuse to sit around and do shit about it. Therefore I blog!

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!