My Friend James

My friend James in 2018.

First things first my homies and homettes! Wherever you are in this crazy planet of ours, good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night. Enjoy it to the fullest and don’t let nobody fuck it up for you no matter what goes down.

Based on what my older sister told me, James moved into our block with his wife and kids back in the 80’s, soon after, he became a drug addict. I really don’t remember, because back then, I was a teenager who used to be hanging out with his friends all the time, so I didn’t put much attention as to who moved in or out of our block. I do remember getting to know him back in the 90’s. But even though he is a long-time homeless drug addict, I’ve always seen and treated him as a human being.

I remember that back then, we used to have long conversations. He used to tell me how he had his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and how he used to have good paying jobs driving big rigs. A couple of times, he even told me, how he was going to get clean, get his license back and move in with family in upstate New York. Another couple of times, he told me how he was trying to get clean and how he hadn’t used drugs for a couple of days. I always told him, that I was happy for him. But sadly, he went back.

You see, for the last couple of years, I’ve seen how age and long-time drug addiction, have taken a toll on James health. He used to be an energetic fast-talker, full of ideas. Now, he barely speaks and walks very slowly. Just like any other day, he asked me for a dollar and as I gave it to him, I asked him if I could take the above picture, because we have been friends for so long, yet I didn’t have a single picture of him. I also told him, that I have a blog and I wanted to do a post about him. He happily agreed.

You see, I know that this might sound crazy to some people, but for a while now, I’ve been thinking about sitting down with my friend James, so he can tell me his story. But I really don’t know what has been stopping me from doing it. I guess that since I’m not a reporter, I don’t know how to go about it. But the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. Who knows, I might wait for the temperature to get warmer and ask him to sit down with me, so I can hear his story.

Peace out my homies and homettes!

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

And Now… Back To My Program!

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Wherever you are in this crazy planet of ours my homies and homettes, good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night. Enjoy it to the fullest and don’t let nobody fuck it up for you no matter what goes down.

As for me? Yesterday I left a voicemail for my shrink Dr. C, because I haven’t seen him in 1 year… OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! Since December of 2018, but in my twisted mind, that equates to 1 year, because we are already in 2019. I haven’t seen him in a while, because between my mother in law’s kidney transplant, my rectal bleeding, colonoscopy and weekend binge drinking, I just couldn’t squeeze him into my super-duper busy schedule. Daaaaamn! For a minute there, I felt as if I was a very important individual. WOW!

Well, I know that I won’t hear from Dr. C anytime soon, because his message said, that he will be back sometime next week. Who knows, he’s probably somewhere in Las Vegas getting drunk as fuck, gambling my money away and spending it on hookers. Then he’s going to come back and tell me, how I should get my shit together and stop drinking. Hey, as long as I have enough crazy meds, I’m OK with that. Plus, when he gets back, my shrink might have to talk to his shrink, about his drinking, gambling and sex addiction. Who knows, we might become drinking buddies and go out drinking after each session.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!