Common Interests

Photo by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

OK my homies and homettes, last night my wife and my baby left to our country The Dominican Republic for a three week stay. I will be leaving on Friday night to join them, but I will be staying only for about ten days. To be honest, I’m happy that I’m taking this trip, but the truth is, that I wished I went someplace else, like The Grand Canyon National Park, Niagara Falls or Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The thing is, that my wife is not into visiting historical, natural or scientific places like me, so I’m just going along with her on this trip.

One thing that I promise myself was, that when I get back to New York City, I’m going to concentrate more on doing the things that I enjoy and like, even if it means doing them alone. I know that my wife and I have different common interests and I’m not going to force her or drag her into doing things that she hates, just to please me. As the old saying goes, “absence makes the heart go stronger!”.”

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!


Feeling Like Shit

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

OK my homies and homettes, to be honest, today is one of those days when I feel like shit. Like I’ve always said, everything stinks, nothing smells good to me. I’m sure not going to kick myself in the head, over something that I can’t control. Sometimes, dealing with my mental disorders feels like a fucking roller coaster ride, but I have come to understand, that those were the cards that I was dealt with.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!

It’s OK To Be A Loner

Photo by navneet mahajan on Unsplash

OK my homies and homettes, for a while now, I’ve been into many arguments with my wife, because I want her to do things with me like visiting museums, camping and going out to enjoy history and nature. But numerous times, she made it clear, that she’s doesn’t like doing those things. Is not that she doesn’t love me, it’s just that we as a couple and as humans, enjoy different things.

When I spoke with the person who approved my medical leave at the salt mines yesterday, he made a good point about getting out and doing things on my own. He told me, that the same thing happens with him and his wife, so from time to time, he goes out and does things that only he enjoys on his own, which he said is a good thing. He also mentioned, that I shouldn’t take the whole thing with my wife personal, which I realized was the case with me. The funny thing is, that for a long time, my shrink Dr. C, has been telling me the same thing. The thing is, that now I understand, that the problem was, that all along I have been taking it personal. So now I’m going to change my mentality and the way that I view things.

One way or another, he also did realize, that my whole life I have been a loner, but one more thing that he mentioned was, that there’s nothing wrong with being who I am, that it is OK to be a loner. Actually, he said that by being a loner, I get to enjoy things that I like on my own, without having to be rushed by someone who accompanies me and is not interested in the things that I am. To be honest, for someone who just met me for about an hour, he did made some excellent points about my mental health, but specially about my social anxiety. Next time that I see him, I will thank him for that.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!